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Tutorial: Window Mounting Photographs

required equipment

To start mounting photographs, the equipment required is:

  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Pritt Stick (or similar)
  • Pencil
  • The photograph to be mounted

Logan cutter


  • Mount cutter system together with blades and tape

The mount cutter can also be fixed to a board with a groove cut in it to accommodate the blade as shown below:

Logan cutter on a grooved board

Work on the reverse side of the board

To prepare your mount board always work on the reverse side in order not to leave any marks whatsoever on the face.

To mount a photo in the centre of the board, mark the centre of each side and draw lines, quartering the board.

Measure the photograph's width
  • Measure the length of the photograph
  • Transfer the measurements to the reverse of the mount board. (See below)

mark the top mark the bottom

and join up the marks:

Width of photo marked
Measure the photograph's height
  • Repeat the measuring and marking procedure for the height of the photograph

Measure the photograph's height
  • This will leave you with a centre which will be the area to remove for the photograph to be mounted (highlighted in blue on the picture to the right)

Place the mount board under the cutter using the mark in the centre of the bevel cutter as a guide and cut from the bottom mark to the top in one easy movement.

NOTE: The cutter ruler should be placed OUTSIDE the window area to ensure the bevel is the right way round.

cut from the bottom ...to the top
the centre should fall out cut the other sides

Repeat this procedure on all sides at the end of which the centre should just fall out.

stick photo to thicker card

The author always then sticks the photograph to a firmer piece of card to avoid the image flopping about and being transparent when it is fixed in the mount (some people use the cut-out centre for this purpose). Adhesive is applied to the reverse of the image which is then placed on the card, firmed and then cut to the size of the image.

check for fit

The photograph is then offered up to the mount to ensure that it will all fit together.

add temporary sticky tape

Small pieces of tape are fixed to the back edges of the image in order that when the mount is positioned over the image it may be firmly held in place when turning the mount board over.

tape all round

Having turned the mounted image over on to its face, tape all the edges of the image to the board. All of the pencil marks may be removed with a soft rubber.

You should now have a mounted image to be proud of.

Finished Mount

Tutorial by John Houlding